26/JULY/2017 - New "Cookies" Banner

Dear customers,

We have added a new clip type to the Website Clips sub-module (within the Website module): Cookie Banner

This clip will present your website customers with a floating banner that contains the following default text:

"We use our own and third party cookies to improve your experience and our services. If you continue, we consider that you accept their use."
* This text can be customized / translated within the Content text box of the clip.

After creating this clip, you will also need to mark the "Show Cookies warning" checkbox within the "Update Website settings" window (Website > Website clips > Update Website settings).

Once you have created the Cookie Banner clip, and marked the above mentioned checkbox, the message will appear like the following example:

*If the website visitor acknowledged and clicked on the "X" button to close this message, the message won't appear again (unless the browsing data has been manually deleted from the visitor's browser).

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