PSP integrated into AeroCRS

In the following article there is a list of integrated PSP (Payment service providers) to AeroCRS system and their websites, for specific contacts, please contact AeroCRS support.

Service Provider Website Explanation
PayPal Direct connection to PayPal express checkout merchant services
3G Directpay A full solution from start to end including fraud prevention and payment service, with mobile payments and integrated PayPal
Authorize works with local banks and provides the payment gateway service (works with Global payments)
Global payments Global pay provides full card processing solution
BCEL Payment services in Laos
Kbank Payment services in Thailand
MIGS Mastercard payment gateway
Multibanco Mutlibanco ATM payment services in Portugal
Paynow Payment services in Zimbabwe
2c2p 2C2P offers comprehensive payment processing solutions for e-commerce and m-commerce businesses
Zooz Payment gateway


As a customer of AeroCRS you are entitled to one PSP implementation upon website setup, if you have your own PSP, please provide technical details to your account manager.
Integration into one of the listed PSP is free.
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