CRS Agents sub-module

CRS Agents sub module allows you to create and manage crs agent users. The crs agent user is assigned under an agency‚ and can log in to the CRS system (limited access with CRM module and agency reports) to create bookings.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

PasswordThis field is required for the user password that the user will use when logging in to the system
Require password change on loginTick to require a password change from the user on his next login
Login attemptsNumber of wrong credentials login attempts until login lock. Set to zero to release user login lock
Time zoneUser time zone‚ the timings of the system‚ logs etc will be shown in local time‚ times for flights are according to departure origin.
Deposit limitThe limit of deposit the user will be able to enter to deposit in one booking when ticketing.
Send SMSAllow the user to send SMS from the booking screen
Allow use of depositAllow this user to utilize deposit
Set TTLAllows the user to manually change booking TTL (ticket time limit) settings
Ticketing Pricing Over RuleNot applicable
Allow use of credit-cardAllows this user to pay using credit card
Cancellation intervalThe number of hours before the flight which the user will not be allowed to cancel a flight service
Accept money (!)Allow the user to accept money on behalf of the company‚ PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PERMISSION TO ACCEPT CASH‚ DEBIT CARDS‚ BANK TRANSFER AND CHEQUES!
Cashier balanceThe cashier balance‚ if you would like to limit your cashier for cash‚ bank transfer etc‚ you should write the limit here and any new receipts added will be deducted in this balance‚ leave zero for limitless cashier.
Allow reinstateWill allow the user to re-instate a XX status booking
Allow unaccompanied minorAllow the user to book unaccompanied minor
Allow ticketingAllows the user to ticket in the PNR screen
Reports CenterAllows the user access for reports section
Show circuit button Shows the user the Circuit button to apply discounts
Allow Past bookingsAllows the user to manage past bookings
Allow sellable seats on PNRThe ability to book sellable seats on PNR screen
TKT PAX ChangeAllows the user to modify booking passenger details after ticketing
Allow split PNRAllows the user to split a PNR into two PNRs. Each new split will contain the pax divided with the same services
Allow O/ServiceAllows user to create or cancel open services.
Allow RQ bookingsAllow the agent to book flights on request
Allow unbalanced splitAllow the user to split a PNR and keep the PNR unbalanced without it moving to HN
Amend blockWill block the user from doing amendments on a booking
Use third party PSPUse third party PSP payments
Use DPO mobile moneyAllows the user to receive mobile money payments with DPO
Lower class amendment blockWill block the user from doing amendments to a class with a lower priority‚ or if using branding - to a lower brand on the same class
Re-routing blockWill block the user from doing Re-routing on amendment
PNR logPrevents users from canceling a ticket on a PNR when at least one of the passengers are makred as checked in / boarded
Lock ticket cancellation after CIPrevents users from canceling a ticket on a PNR when at least one of the passengers are makred as checked in / boarded
Set specific classesclick to mark specific classes that the CRS agent can view and book.
Booking feeSet a fixed value (in the default currency of the airline) that will be added as a fee service upon the creation of new bookings by this user. Please note that negative values are not allowed for this field.
TTL change limitThis will allow the user to change the TTL if set to more than zero‚ the time is measured in hours from the first flight departure time.
Clear FiltersClick to clear user filters
User NameThis field is required for the user name that the user will use when logging in to the system
E-mailUser E-mail address
ContactCRS Agent user contact details
Permission GroupSelect the user permission group
Allow user validate ticketsAllow this CRS agent to validate and ticket bookings for his agency‚ this should be used only if the validate tickets option is active for the system.
BranchSelect the agency branch
AgencyName of the agency of the CRS agent
Last loginTime and date of user last login

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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