28/JAN/2016- Website Online Check-in

Dear customers,

Today we are launching a new major improvement to the website.

From now on the website will provide the option for "Online Check-in".

This option will give the passengers the privilege to a shorter check-in line or even go straight to the security check.

It will be accessible from the search engine:

Or from the booking page:


In the check-in page the customer will be able to access the available flights for check-in by clicking on it, or to get information about closed flights or when the check-in will be open.

Once the passenger finished the check-in process he will get the option to print the boarding pass:

In the check-in itself, all the details of the passenger will be auto-fill from the passenger information, if some details are missing he will need to fill them.

All that's left to do is to choose a seat, accept the terms and conditions, and that's it!




The online check-in timings are pre defined from the destination settings in the system.

In the destination settings there is 2 new fields, Online checkin open and Online checkin close, both are in minutes.

You will need to fill in the time in minutes, before the flight, that the check-in will open/close.

If the fields will be on zero, the online check-in will be closed.

In case of a notice to the customer regarding changes of timing during the check-in, the website will present a proper message.

All you need in order to activate this feature is to send us a request to open online check-in.

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