01/Sep/2014 Version 4.41 – Passenger types

Dear customers,

Version 4.41 was just released, this version includes a new option for your website customers.

You can now add a passenger type to each fare, in result, the website will show a selection for the customer if he would like to see if there are flights available in the fare for his selection, for example, resident fares.

No change is needed for customers which doesn’t want to implement this feature.

To set it up follow the following procedure:

  1. Setting up Passenger types:
    1. Go to “Marketing” module
    2. Locate the “Passenger types” sub-module
    3. Add a “passenger type” record, for example “Residents”
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all passenger types needed, currently the website is limited by display on up to 3 types.
  2. Allocating fares:
    1. In “Fares” sub-module of “Marketing”, locate the fare you wish to allocate for a passenger type
    2. Select from the list of “PAX type” the passenger type.
    3. Save the fare.

The website will automatically show the types of passengers selection on the top of the search engine

From now the customer can select to check if there are flights available for his type of fares.

NOTE – There is no change in fare types for the CRS back office and the selection does not apply for this part of the system (for now).

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask it at support@aerocrs.com, our twitter account, Facebook page or in the Linkedin users group.

AeroCRS R&D team


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