01/June/2012 - Local Distribution System

A new and advanced feature from AeroCRS, this option will give each customer of AeroCRS the ability to offer his products to other users in the AeroCRS environment.

The principle is simple, every buyer in the LDS is an entity, a seller will go in to his system and define each buyer he wishes to sell to in LDS module and link it to an agent within its own system.
The reason each LDS entity must be linked to an agent is simple, it is the same as if the seller would give access to the system through a user in the website.
There is a limitation at this moment, where you must link the LDS entity to an agent with credit limit, otherwise the buyer will not be able to ticket, he will be able to book and confirm a booking but not to ticket.
The selection of an agent from within your system gives the LDS entity the commission structure you have enabled for the agent.
In the next lines you will see how you can buy and sell through the LDS feature along with what we have planned for the very near future of the LDS development.
1.     Setting up a seller in the system
1.     Go to Marketing module
2.     Go to LDS sub module
3.     Click “New” button
4.     Select from the list of approved LDS entities, this list is updated by AeroCRS once a customer signs up with AeroCRS system.
5.     Select an agent from your own system.
6.     Mark Active.
7.     Click Save.


You have setup this LDS entity, from this moment on, the buyer will be able to book your inventory through his system.
1.     Buying through the LDS
1.     You need to be sure that a seller has opened you in the system, otherwise you will not be able to book his inventory.
2.     Create a new PNR using the new PNR action.
3.     Click the LDS button.
4.     Search for your requested flights.
5.     Select the flights
6.     Note- you cannot select different operators when booking a return, if you wish for two separate flights for return, create two single searches, this is due to the special pricing of return bookings in the system.
7.     If you cannot select the flights, then it means the seller did not enabled you in his LDS module
8.     You can see that the flights shows rack and net pricing, the net pricing is what the buyer will be charged by the seller, if they are the same, it means you do not have commission setup for this route.
9.     Click book.
10. The flights are added now.
11. You can see that the flights are in purple status, it is holding needs for the next 20 minutes, you must confirm them by clicking on the purple button, note that this is an option only when you have passengers names.
12. Continue the booking as usual, add more flights and other products etc.
13. You can change the rack pricing to whatever you like.
14. Click to confirm the flights.
15. Once you have clicked the confirm button, you will see that the system have done the following
1.     Created a booking in the seller system
2.     Confirmed it using your booking limit within the seller system
3.     Flights will be held now until the TTL.
4.     If your booking is within the TTL, It will be ticketed automatically
16. Once you are ready to ticket the booking you can click the yellow button, this will ticker the booking and will issue an invoice from the seller system which will be sent out to you on the normal business behavior you have with the seller.
17. Some notes
1.     A booking is kept until TTL unless ticketed.
2.     The seller will be able to change your booking from its own system, which will change your booking automatically.
3.     If you wish to amend a booking, you will need to cancel it and rebook
4.     If you wish to cancel the booking, you will be able to do it only of it is not ticketed, click the cancel button, it will be removed from the seller system as well.
1.     Features in plan:
1.     Fares and agent commissions, currently, if you add an LDS flight to your own agent booking it will not take any agent commissions, a future development in place will enable you to give to agents the option to book LDS flights with commissions
2.     Code shares, this development will enable a seller to code share with other sellers and enable his agents (using the AeroCRS agents access) to buy codeshares flights. A seller will be able to set through fares, commissions, TTL and more.
3.     Amendments, we will enable amendments for bookings.
4.     Booking without passengers (until ticketing)
5.     LDS booking of hotels from within AeroCRS hotels using the system.


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