24/NOV/2019 - New Qlik Sheets

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you about 2 new sheets available for use on the Qlik sense - AeroCRS Analytics solution.


Geo analysis

The new "Geo Analysis" sheet will show information about revenue per route with new visualization charts and maps, i.e. fare per KM, PAX per KM, etc.


NOTE: In order to use this new sheet, you will have to update the Lat. and Long. coordinates of all your destinations (in the CRS), this is needed for the system to calculate the distance of the routes:


You can find the airports' coordinates on Google Maps:



Cost Analysis

The new "Cost Analysis" sheet will allow you to view profit per route and allow for additional revenue management analysis.


First, you will need to add some cost figures for your flights in the CRS:

Base Cost: the basic cost of a flight for the airline, even if it will fly "empty".

Base cost per PAX: the basic cost of flying a passenger on this route.

Base cost per KM: the basic cost of flying a KM distance on this route.

Additionally, this new sheet will also require the update of the destinations' Lat. and Long. coordinates (same as for the "Geo Analysis" sheet - see an explanation above).

In order to update the cost amounts on your flights, you will need to go to operations > Flight series 2 sub-module and update the amounts per flight series.

On the actions panel, we have added a new action: "Update cost".


Please make sure you update all the needed cost amounts for all relevant flights.

It is also possible to update the cost amounts per flight using the flight screen edit button:


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