29/DEC/2016 - Automatic email for website Frequent Flyer registration

Dear customers,

Following you requests we have added an automated email that will be sent when your customers register as a frequent flyers member on your AeroCRS website.

To enable this feature, in the system, please go to "Website" -> Website clips sub-module and create new clip with a type of  "Frequent Flyer email template".


The template can by in any HTML design and the company name and logo will be fixed at the top as default, so no need to add it to your template.

In the template you can use these tags:

{{ffName}} - will be replaced by customer's First and Last name

{{ffNumber}} - will be replaced by customer's New Frequent Flyer Number

Please note: if you use multiple languages on website you should create mail templates for all used languages.

Also note, that for Frequent Flyers registered on the website, you need to set the member Level in Frequent Flyer module in CRS.

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