14/FEB/2017 - SMS for web bookings

Dear customers,

We've released a new feature to automatically send SMS messages for your web booking clients (upon client's approval), with the option to additionally charge the PNR for these messages.

In order to activate this feature in the system, please follow below steps.


Step 1 - Enable in website settings

The SMS feature can be enabled in the website settings screen by marking the "Allow SMS" checkbox:


Step 2 - Create your customized SMS message template

The SMS message template should be set under "Administrations" -> "SMS Templates". Please create a new template with the name of "Web confirmation":


Note 1 - If the system is adjusted to send SMS but no "Web confirmation" template is found, the default template text will be "Your booking with (airline name) is confirmed, Booking {PNRREF}, link to booking {PNRLINK}"

Note 2 - While creating the template, you can place variable which the system will automatically replace with content from the booking:
{PNRREF} - PNR Reference
{PNRNAME} - PNR name
{PTLGMT} - Payment time limit in GMT
{TTLGMT} - Ticketing time limit in GMT
{CUSTNAME} - Customer name
{AGTNAME} - Agency name
{PAXNAME} - Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger)
{PNRLINK} - Link to booking


Step 3 (Optional) - Add a pricing per SMS message

First, we'll set the price per SMS in the website settings screen:

Second, we'll create an open service which will be added to the PNR pricing when required:
Please go to "Administrations" -> "Service types" and add "SMS"
Please go to "Administrations" -> "Service suppliers" and add "SMS"

Note 1 - In order to add the SMS pricing to the PNR, all 3 requirements must be met - adjust the SMS price, create "SMS" service type, create "SMS" service supplier.

Once completed, the SMS added pricing will be shown as an open service:


Additional notes:

1. SMS will be sent only once the PNR is ticketed (whether by online payment or in the CRS).

2. SMS status can be tracked in the "Messaging centre" by clicking on the SMS button in the PNR screen:

3. All actions relating website SMS actions will appear in the PNR log:


If you have any further questions regarding this feature, please contact our support team.



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