21/FEB/2017 - Unplanned possible down time

Dear customers,


Due to an unplanned issue in one of the routers at our infrastructure supplier, we might experience downtime or degraded system performance on all AeroCRS Services.

Notice from our infrastructure supplier:
"At 18-Feb-2017 9:27 UTC the secondary chassis of the front-end customer router experienced a service disruption and is currently offline.  Network engineers worked with the hardware vendor to attempt to bring the chassis back online, however it is not properly re-associating to the active chassis.  As a result, this router is currently running with reduced capacity and redundancy.  In order to restore the router chassis pair, we will be conducting an emergency maintenance at the above noted time to complete a full power cycle of both devices, which will include a code upgrade to known disruptive software bugs which have contributed to this condition.

During this emergency maintenance, customer servers behind the router will experience a disruption in public Internet connectivity.  This disruption could be as little as 2 minutes to as much as 20 minutes.  Private network connectivity will not be impacted by this maintenance."


We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


AeroCRS Team


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