15/MAR/2017 - Ask all users to reset their passwords

Dear customers,

We have updated the system today to enable you to restrict password reset policy on the system.

From now, you can ask all users to reset their passwords on their next login or page refresh.

This can be done in the "Administrations" > "Users" or "Agencies" > "CRS Agents" in the following icon:


Clicking this icon would mark all users (CRS users or CRS agents according to the module you are in) to reset their password on the next login.

Password complexity was also updated:

  • Minimum 7 characters
  • Password must be a combination of letters and numbers
  • Password must not be the last password you have used

The user will be alerted if the password they will try to insert does not comply with the restrictions.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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