02/APR/2017 - Excess ancillaries on website

Dear customers,

We've released a new feature - The ability to sell ancillary services on the website after the booking had been made - even if it's already ticketed and even if the booking belongs to an agency.

From now, your customers will see the Extras button on their booking/confirmation page:


After clicking on it, customer will be redirected to the "extras page" and to the payment process afterwards.

If the booking is yet to be ticketed, the ancillary will simply be added to this booking. If it's ticketed already, then the ticket will remain on its place - new PNR will be created on the background in order to handle the payment: 


The remark in such PNR is clickable and leads to the original PNR (like in case of split booking). In the original PNR you'll also see the connecting remark, and an ancillary service with zero price:


This way customer may purchase additional services for his own bookings, or for the bookings made for him by an agent. On the booking page of the website he'll see all of the services, and the price of an excess ancillary will be included in the total as if it was a regular ancillary.

Please note, that it's only possible to add ancillaries, and not to change the ones that are already added. 

PNRs with connected ancillaries are restricted by default, you can not add services or information about them, only in the original PNR.


If you have any further questions regarding this feature, please contact our support team.

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