20/APR/2017 - Disabled upload function and E-mail Archive

Dear customers,

Today, during the morning hours (UTC), the function of uploading data to "Storage" in the website will be disabled due to an ongoing upgrade we are performing on this part of the system.

Also, the upload to E-mail archive will be disabled from the PNR screen and e-mails sent to s@aerocrs.com will be stored but not processed for the hours of the upgrade, once the upgrade is completed, the e-mails will be processed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused during this upgrade hours, and will update once done.

Ongoing updates:

  • 20/APR/2017 6:00 UTC - Operation started
  • 20/APR/2017 8:20 UTC - Update - E-mail archive function is operational, e-mails received to s@aerocrs.com are processed successfully and stored in the PNR.
  • 20/APR/2017 8:45 UTC - According to our engineers, The upload of information to the website storage and E-mail archive upload from PNR screen, will be disabled until Sunday, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused during this upgrade.
  • 25/APR/2017 10:00 UTC - Upgrade finalized.


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