Connection fares: How-to

The Connection fares sub-module allows to create and browse connection fares for scheduled flights.

A connection fare creates a connection between 2-5 scheduled flights according to the connection fare route and class and will give you the opportunity to book between destinations that you don't have direct flight connecting them and also to give a separate pricing for each leg.

Each connection fare is set for a class‚ route and dates. After creating the fares‚ the system relate it to the scheduled flights with the relevant class and route‚ and will reflect on the availability menu (AVL) and website booking engine.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

How to create a connection fare setup?

1) Create Regular Fares:

  • Navigate to the Marketing module and create relevant fares for each leg of the connecting flights.
  • Ensure that each fare is set up with the fare type of "OW/RT combination" to enable round-trip bookings.

    Fares example


2) Create Flight Series:

  • Go to the Operations module and create a new flight series for each leg of the connecting flights.
  • Set up flight series for routes like ZNZ-ARK and ARK-DAR, creating a series for each leg you want to include in the connection.
    Flight Series example

3) Create Connection Fares:

  • In the Marketing module, access the Connection fares sub-module and click on the "New" button.

  • Specify the necessary details for the connection fare, such as name, active status, and availability dates.
  • Define the routes for the connection fare by adding the relevant flight series (e.g., ZNZ-ARK, ARK-DAR).
  • Ensure that you specify the sell and service dates for the connection fare.

4) Round Trip Setup:

  • For round trip bookings using connection flights, create separate connection fares for outbound and inbound journeys.
  • For example, if you want ZNZ-DAR as a round trip using connection fares, create one connection fare for ZNZ-ARK and another for DAR-ZNZ.
    • Flight #101: ZNZ - ARK
    • Flight #102: ARK - DAR

Passenger wants to book a flight from ZNZ to DAR.
We set a connection fare in the system, in order connect between both flights.

This connection fare should look like this in the system:

Once everything is properly configured as mentioned above, the route of ZNZ-DAR will now become bookable:

How to make a round trip setup for connection flights?

The process of creating a round trip setup for connection flights is similar to the standard process (of regular fares), however, it's important to clarify that if you would like to have a return trip using connections, you must create two different connection fares.

For example, if you would like to have the route ZNZ - DAR as a round trip using connection fares, you will need to create the following:


  • Flight #101: ZNZ - ARK
  • Flight #102: ARK - DAR


  • Flight #103: DAR - ARK
  • Flight #104: ARK - ZNZ


Unable to book a connection flight?

If you are unable to book a connection flight such as the above sample booking, please make sure to verify the following:

  1. You have created and activated regular fares (E.g. ZNZ-ARk  and  ARK-DAR)
  2. You have create flight series (E.g. ZNZ-ARK  and  ARK-DAR)
  3. Timezone for each destination is correct (Operation Administrations > Destinations)
  4. Flight timings (STD & STA) are correct and make sense
  5. Classes are available for each route and allocated correctly to the connection fare
  6. Every leg can be booked separately (E.g. ZNZ-ARK and  ARK-DAR)
  7. The layover time between the arrival and the departure doesn't exceed the "Max Layover time (minutes)" value (Administrations module>Company Settings).
  8. If you are booking via agency that uses API - note that unfortunately, connection fares are currently not compatible with API

Update Flights Cache:

  • If you encounter issues with booking connection flights, update the flight series cache in the system.
  • Go to the Operations module, select the relevant flight series, mark all flights, and choose the "Update flights cache" action from the action menu.

(repeat this step for every flight series that is relevant for this connection fare setup).

Within the flight series screen, mark all the flights (by clicking on the top checkbox) and open the action menu. Choose the "Update flights cache" action:


You are more than welcome to open a support ticket if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this process.








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