07/AUG/2017 - New Operational Calendar

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce the release of a new feature in the AeroCRS system: operational calendar.

The new calendar will give you the ability to control, monitor and manage a variety of daily and monthly operational tasks.

  • View and monitor aircraft that assigned to a schedule /charter flight.
  • Color code view for specific aircraft.
  • Get an easy access to allocate specific crew members to specific flights.
  • Get a quick overview of a monthly/weekly/daily basis on aircraft maintenance.
  • Get a quick overview of a monthly/weekly/daily basis on crew availability.
  • Ability to provide specific permissions for a user to see specific crew availability.
  • Easily access the flight screen by clicking on a flight within the calendar.
  • Show/hide Charters and/or Scheduled flights from the calendar.
  • Show/hide flights based on aircraft availability and your current timezone.

Sample view of the new calendar

The calendar and charter times are now in UTC timezone

Below you will find a link to our knowledge base article, that further explains on how to fully utilize this new feature in the system:
Operational Calendar

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