10/AUG/2017 - SSR Improvements and Remarks

Dear customers,

When you add an SSR in the system for a specific passenger, we have added several possibilities:

Apply on all flights

Instead of adding the same SSR for the passenger on each single flight, a checkbox was added to check for all flights:

Once the checkbox is clicked the system would push the SSR to all the flights, saving you some time.

SSR Remarks

As the SSR is a code which appears on the manifest / check-in screen, if you would like to add a remark to go along the code, the system allows you to write a remark:


Screen improvement

Passengers with SSR would now show a notification in the screen:


Appearance on Check-in screen

The notification written, would appear on the check-in screen:

Appearance on flight manifest

On the manifest, you would need to enable "SSR Remarks" in the "Manifest template" once this have been added, the SSR would show together with the remark.

If you have any questions on this development, please contact us.

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