30/AUG/2017 - New System Improvements & Functionality

Dear customers,

We have implemented several improvements in the system, that will ease you daily tasks and provide you with more flexibility in terms of management.


Interface Improvements 

  • The destination fields in the availability screen (AVL) are now dynamic, and once click on the from/to destination field - you will be able to type the destination name. The system will show you results based on the inserted characters, as demonstrated in the below sample screenshot:The system will search for destinations that contain one or more of the inserted characters
  • This new interface functionality is now available for filters as well:


New Check-In Functionality

  • You will now have the ability to choose whether a check-in status will be available for selection or not.
    In order to access this setting, simply navigate to the Check In module, and then click on the "Checkin status" sub-module.
    Once you will open a status, you will see the new setting:

    Once you removed the "Select on screen" checkbox, you the relevant status won't be available for selection in the Check In screen (the status will become grayed out):

Check-in screen will open directly

  • When opening the check-in screen, the system will ask you to click on the a URL in order to view the passengers screen. We have changed this requirement, and now if you will open a flight that contains less than 15 passengers, the passengers list will appear automatically, without the need to click on the "Click here to show the full list" URL.

New setting for the Pay@checkin option

  • When processing a payment using the "Pay@checkin" method, the Client Phone Number field is mandatory. However, you will now have the option to set it as an optional field by changing a system setting. In order to make this field as optional, go to the Administration module, and then click on the Company Settings sub-module:
    Within the company settings screen, scroll down and look for a setting called "P@CI Phone number not mandatory":

    Once you will deactivate the checkbox next to this setting, the Client Phone field will be optional:

Optional Customer Information Fields

  • We have changed the following fields in the Customer Information screen to be optional:
    Title | Address | City | Country

    You will now be able to create a new customer profile without the mandatory requirement of the fields above.
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