24/OCT/2017 - Ticket validity

Dear customers,

We have added the possibility to add to the class a ticket validity period.
Once a customer tickets a booking, if a ticket validity is set (more than zero), the system would update the PNR with a ticket validity period.

Once the date of the ticket validity passed, the system will lock the booking for any changes.

  1. You can update the ticket validity period (in hours value) in the class setup screen:
  2. In the PNR a ticket with validity would be shown a date (after ticketing): 
  3. Users with the permission "Allow validity change" (new permission in users screen) would be allowed to change the validity date, by this releasing any PNR back to active mode.
    Actions which are done, are recorded in the log screen.


  • The system takes the "shortest" validity period in case several segments with different validity periods are booked. 
  • When a ticket is cancelled and re-ticketed, the validity date would be taken from the latest ticket date.
  • You can also set the ticket validity according to the first service date, You can check How-to to do this is in the following link
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