26/OCT/2017 - Agency payment limit

Dear customers,

As we improve the system, we are introducing a new feature today, called "Agency payment limit".

This setting will allow you to "block" an agency from ticketing bookings, should they fail to pay due invoices,
Today, the system keeps the data of the amount of due invoice, a due invoice, is an invoice which its due date have passed (the value date is the respective "invoice value date" set in the agency settings + credit days).

When an agency will "breach" the amount set in the agency setup screen "Payment limit", and if the checkbox of "Payment limit block" the system will block the agency from ticketing bookings, until they pay (and you clear their balance using the balance screen) or you increase their Payment limit.

Here is how it would look in the agency setup screen (Note that we have changed the layout of the screen to support new features)

In the PNR screen, a new "RPL - Remaining payment limit" field will appear so agents would know how much they have left until they are blocked.

If you have any questions on how to activate this feature, you can ask our support.

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    what is the difference between credit limit and payment limit?

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    Meir Hadassi Turner

    Hi Vatsana,

    The difference is that "Credit limit" is for the balance control of "Ticketed" bookings while "Ticket limit" is the balance control of "Payment of ticketed bookings"
    So if you have a credit agency which you give "Credit", the "Credit control" would be the summary of amount of bookings they can ticket. for example $50,000, with 30 days of credit, and in the Payment limit, you will set $10,000. the agency ticketed bookings for $30,000 and 30 days have passed for some of them, but the agency still didn't pay you, so if they will breach the $10,000 of unpaid ticketed bookings, the system can block them from ticketing any more bookings.

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