26/NOV/2017 - New DirectPay payment method

Dear customers,

We have updated the system today with a new "DirectPay" payment option to replace old "3Gdirectpay", "Creditcard3G" and "Mobile" payment methods.

All the payment options are consolidated into one with sub-options.

We have added the option to ticket the PNR after payment if it was paid in full, for all options except 'Direct Pay' (formerly 'CreditCard3G'), which you still need to ticket manually.

In order for a ticket to be automatically issued, you will need to check the checkbox as shown in the screenshot below:

When this option is checked, the payment will automatically ticket the pnr if it is paid in full. A payment to a pnr that is over/under paid will not result in a ticket issued.

If you want to ticket the PNR manually, leave the box unchecked (as default).

The following sub-options are avaialble: 

  1. E-mail transactions
    This option will create an e-mail transaction in direct pay, where the customer will get an e-mail from Direct Pay system, which will include all the booking details for him to pay.
  2. Link to customer
    This option will create a transaction on direct pay and a link to the customer will be shown, you can copy this link to the e-mail you send to the customer.
  3. Direct pay
    This option allows you to input the customer credit card details directly and charge the customer.
  4. Mpesa Express
    This option pushes information directly to the customer Safaricom mobile, and prompts the payment.
  5. Mobile
    This option shows you the different mobile options you can select from and allows you to copy and paste it to the e-mail and the customer will be able to pay using his mobile.


NOTE - The payment time limit is according to what have been defined in the PNR and it will copy this settings to Direct Pay. 

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