19/DEC/2017 - Frequent Flyer, Move points/miles between members

Dear Customers,

We have added a new option to move points between members.

  1. In the "Movement" screen of the frequent flyer system, you will see a new button
  2. When clicking this button, a pop up will appear.
  3. Select the member you wish to take points/miles from.
  4. Write the amount of points/miles
  5. Select the member you wish to move points/miles to.
  6. Click "MOVE"

Simple and fast.


You can allocate the specific permission to this screen in the "Administrations" > "Permissions" group management, under "Frequent flyer" section.

This specific permission, gives you the opportunity to allow specific user groups to access the movements of points/miles between members only, while "leaving" administrators with the option to fully control the "Movements" section.


If you have any questions, let us know here at support.

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