25/DEC/2017 - Name change similarity difference

Dear customers,

Due to several requests from customers, we have changed the way the system considers a change in passenger names which will trigger the "Name change fee"

The system will check the similarity difference between name changes and will decide if the name change is applicable.


  • Green > Greene - will not be considered a change.
  • Green > greenth - will be considered a change.

We decided not to determine the change according to the number of replaced letters since some vowels change might be considered as a change, this function ignores such changes.

If you would like to change the "Similarity level" to higher (any change) you can do so in the "Company settings" and change it from 4 to 5 (4 is the default for minor changes)
You can lower the similarity changes to 3 which will allow even more changes without a fee.

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