Flight Information Display (FID): How-To

In this guide, we'll walk you through creating and managing FID's in the GO7 PSS system.

The FID functionality enables you to display flight information on screens at the airport, including check-in information at counter screens.

Please note: The FID functionality is exclusively available in the Ultimate version of GO7 PSS.

FID Setup

To set up relevant templates for the FID, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the "Flight Information Display" module.

2. Within the FID Templates sub-module, click on the "" button to add a new template.

3. Create two templates: one for Departures and another for Arrivals, specifying:

  • Name: Internal name of the template.
  • Display Name: Name visible on the screen.
  • Rotation: Frequency of rotation between figures on the FID screen (in seconds).
  • Links: Optional links from storage to display images.
  • Font Size: Size of the displayed text (in pixels).
  • Another display to show: Option to show another screen after the current screen.
  1. 4. After creating the Departures and Arrivals screens/templates, the list of FID templates will be populated.

  1. 5. Clicking on the Screen button will display the FID screen.

As you can notice, there are no flights presented on the display.

Adding Flights to FID Screen

To display flights on the FID screen:

  1. 1. Set the flight within the flight screen.

2. Select the relevant FID from the list in the flight screen to automatically add it.

  1. 3. Add text to the Remarks column by creating display statuses in the "Display Status" sub-module.

Once you have select (for example) the Departures template, and then the "Departed" status, this status will be shown in the FID screen under the Remarks column:

Counter Screen Setup

To display check-in information at counter screens:

1. Click on the "Counter template" sub-module and create a new template.

2. Create relevant check-in statuses in the "Display Status" sub-module.


3. Move to the "Check-in" module and click on the "Counter screen" sub-module.

4. Click the "+" button to add a new check-in counter screen, specifying:

    • Relevant screen from the list.
    • Flight (the flight number will appear only if you select the FID template in the flight scree

This is how the check-in counter screen will look like:

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