Flight Information Display (FID): How-To

In this article, we will explain how to create and manage FID's in the GO7 PSS system.

The FID functionality will allow you to display flights information in the information screens at the airport. You can also utilize this module to display check-in information at the counter screens (will be covered in this article as well).

FID Setup
In order to create the relevant templates for the FID, navigate to the "Flight Information Display"

  1. Within the FID Templates sub-module, click on the  button to add a new template.
  2. We will now create two templates, one for Departures and another one for Arrivals:

    - Name: The name of the template. This name will remain internal.

    Display Name: The name of the template, that will also show up in the actual screen.

    Rotation: Frequency of rotation between figures in the FID screen (in seconds)
    - Links: Optional fields. You may insert links from the storage, to present images in the FID.
    Font Size: The font size (in pixels) for the text that will be displayed on the FID. We usually recommend to start with a value of 40, and see if you prefer it like that.
    Another display to show: Choose to show another screen after the current screen (essentially we will have here the Arrivals screen, once we create it).
  3. After we've finished to create the Departures and Arrivals screens/templates, the list of FID templates will look like this:

Clicking on the Screen button will open a new browser tab/window with the following FID screen:

As you can notice, there are no flights presented on the display.
In order to set a flight to show on the FID screen, you will need to set it within the flight screen, as can be shown in the sample screenshot below:

Once you have selected the relevant FID from this list in the flight screen, the system will automatically add it:

In order to add text into the Remarks column, you will need to create display statuses in the system. To do that, you will need to open the "Display Status" sub-module and then add a new status (it's a free text, you can add any text that you want):

Going back to the flight screen, you will now have this status available in the second field:

Once you will select (for example) the Departures template, and then the "Departed" status, this status will be shown in the FID screen under the Remarks column:

Counter Screen Setup

In this part of the article, we will explain how to utilize the FID module, to show check in information at the counter screens:

  1. Click on the "Counter template" sub-module and create a new template:
  2. Next, you want to have relevant check in statuses to present on the screen. Go to the "Display Status" sub-module, and create the following:
  3. Once you have created the statuses, they will be available for selection in the flight screen:
  4. In this last step, you will need to move on to the "Check-in" module, and then click on the "Counter screen" sub-module:

  5. Click on the  button to add a new check-in counter screen.
  6. The system will then open a pop-up window with the following details:

    Make sure to select the relevant screen from the list, and the flight (the flight number will only show up here if you select the FID template in the flight screen)

This is how the check-in counter screen will look like:

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