Report is not working

The most common reason for issues with reports, is the selected date range.

If you ever encounter an issue or error message while trying to issue a report in the AeroCRS system, the best course of action will be to shorten the selected date range of the report and try again.

Long date range can cause an overload on the system, and might prevent the system from completing the requested action. It is not possible to determine or recommend on a specific date range for each report, as that solely depends on the amount of data that you have for your airline.

If you encountered an error after trying to run a report, before trying again with shorter date range values, first make sure to clear the filters for your user account. That can be done by the following steps:

  1. Open the Users list:

  2. Open the relevant user account, scroll down and then click on the purple button that says "Clear Filters":

  3. Try to run the report again, with a shortened date range.

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