In this article we'll explain how to login to GO7 PSS system.

  1. First of all, please follow this login page: http://www.aerocrs.com/login


    2. Next, fill the credentials provided by your airline administrations.
    • Company code
    • User name
    • Password (case sensitive)
  2. Click Submit. You will be redirected to GO7 PSS system automatically.

Having problems login-in? see article Can't login

If you cannot find the company code, please ask your system administrator to provide it. It's the same code for all users in your company.
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    can I know why am getting errors

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    Meir Hadassi Turner

    Hi Ernest,
    I can see Kobi from our support team replied to your support e-mail, please see his reply to your message.

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    Hellow Support. I can not open aerocrs login, please assist

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    Meir Hadassi Turner

    Hello "IT"

    Can you please send support by e-mail a screen shot of what you get,
    Please notice that this is a "public" reply and other users can see it here.

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