TTL / PTL Change

In this article you will learn how to change manually the TTL and/or the PTL for a specific PNR.

Not sure what TTL / PTL is?

Quick Explanation:
TTL: Ticket Time Limit - Indicates how many hours before the flight the booking must be ticketed. TTL bookings don't cancel automatically; they are displayed under the TTL View sub-module.
PTL: Payment Time Limit - Specifies how many hours after the booking it must be paid. Otherwise, the booking will be automatically canceled.

Note: only users that were granted permission to do so will be able to manually change the PTL/TTL.

TTL which is due will be colored in red.

To change the timing of the TTL and / or the PTL, click on the calendar icon on the right side on the time.
Change the time and click the Save button.


Please note:
The system will only send TTL alerts for bookings created by agents. Direct customer bookings will not trigger a TTL alert to the email configured in the Company Settings section.

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