Website Lists

In this article, you will learn how to create website lists on the GO7 PSS system.

Website lists are categories you create and allocate webpage pages to. For example, you can create a header menu and include submenus within the menu.

Website styling: Main website list. The rest of the pages are webpages allocated to the 'website styling' list.


To create a new website list, go to the Website module -> Website lists and click the "add new" button.

In the lists popup, enter the details of the list:

  • Active: Activate or deactivate the website list.
  • Show on header: Select if you want to show the list on the navigation menu.
  • Order: Set the priority of the list in the navigation menu. (Lower numbers are placed on the left, higher numbers are placed on the right.)
  • Language: Select in which language the list will be displayed.
  • Internal name: Internal name of the list.
  • Web name: How the website visitors see the name of the list. (If shown on the header)
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