In this article you will learn how to create and manage commissions for agencies on AeroCRS system

Booking made by agencies priced not the full price. The agencies get commission for each booking they are doing, and the price display on an agency's booking is the net price, with out the commission, hence, the price the agency is paying to you.

AeroCRS has 2 types of high level commission, which allow you to create almost unlimited types of commissions.

The two types of commission are 

  • Group commissions - Set for an agency group. (Not sure what is agent groups? Learn More.)
  • Agent commissions - Set for specific agency only regardless the group the agency is allocated.

For each group / agent commission you can create almost unlimited variations.

In order to create group / agent commission first go Agents module -> A. Commissions / G. Commissions.

NOTE: The display is for agent commissions, but it works the same for group commissions

In the commission's popup screen, you can set the commissions you would like according to the cretirias available.

  • Active: Activate or de-activate the commission
  • Agent / Group: Allocate specific agency / group for this commission
  • Class: Allocate class for this commission. (Hint: you can create different commissions for different classes)
  • OW-COM: Set the percentage of commission for one-way flight.
  • RT-COM: Set the percentage of commission for round-trip flight.
  • Destination restriction: Allocate the commission only for specific route.
  • Applicable period: Set the commission to be available only for limited time. (Hint: User this to increase sales from agencies by giving them more commission on specific dates period.)

With the right use of commission you can create coplex type of commissions:

For Example:
Agency XXX get more commission for a flight from point A - point B for class Y, on dates December 1st 2015 - December 31st 2015



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