Users sub-module

The users sub-module allows to create airline CRS system users and manage their properties.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

PasswordSet a new password for this user
Require password change on loginWhen ticked‚ the user will have to change the password for his account the next time he will log into the system It's recommended when creating new users with default password
Login attemptsNumber of login attempts with wrong credentials for the user. Over attempts will lock the login for the user. Set to zero to release user login lock.
Time zoneUser time zone‚ the timings of the system‚ logs etc will be shown in local time‚ times for flights are according to departure origin.
IdentifierCode for export user related information to external accounting systems
External systems loginAllow login to the system for external systems (currently approved systems: INK DCS)
TKT PAX ChangeAllows the user to make ticket changes regarding the passengers
Set TTLAllows the user to change the TTL (Ticketing Time Limit) settings
Cancel Past TicketsGive the user the ability to cancel old tickets
Lock ticket cancellation after CIPrevents users from canceling a ticket on a PNR when at least one of the passengers are makred as checked in / boarded
Ticketing Pricing Over RuleNot applicable
Allow split PNRAllows the user to split a PNR into two PNRs. Each new split will contain the pax divided with the same services
Allow PNR lockAllows the user to lock a PNR. When ticked‚ the user will be able to lock a PNR for any further changes (unless he have relevant permissions to unlock it)
PNR Master keyAllows the user to unlock any locked bookings from all users in the system
Allow coupon useAllows this user to use coupons on PNR screen
Allow ticketingAllows the user to ticket a booking in the PNR screen
Amend blockWill block the user from doing amendments on a booking
Re-route blockWill block the user from doing a change in routing
Book only directWill allow the user to book only direct customers‚ but will allow him to manage other bookings
See all for agentsWill allow the user to sell all flights for agency‚ even if they are not marked for agency selling and all the classes even if agency is set to specific classes.
Send SMSAllow the user to send SMS from the booking screen / flight screen
Allow O/ServiceAllows user to create or cancel open services.
Allow PTL changeAllows the user to change the PTL (Payment Time Limit) settings in a booking.
Show circuit button Shows the user the Circuit button to apply discounts
Allow Pay@CIAllows to user to choose Pay@Checkin in PNR
Allow RQ bookingsAllow a user to make RQ bookings
Allow reinstateWill allow the user to re-instate a XX status booking
Cargo Barcode scanWill limit the user to use base64 barcode scanner for cargo weight
TKT RQ bookingsAllow a user to ticket RQ bookings
TTL change limitThis will allow the user to change the TTL if set to more than zero‚ the time is measured in hours from the first flight departure time.
Allow validity changeAllows the user to change the validity date of the ticket.
PTL change limitThis will allow the user to change the PTL if set to more than zero‚ the time is measured in hours from the booking creation time. For unlimited changes‚ we advise to put 9999
Free SRV pricingAllows user to change service pricing and taxes in a bookings (will not affect the fares in marketing module)
Cancel cancellation policyAllows the user to enable or disable the cancellation policy
Allow Past bookingsAllows the user to manage past bookings
Cargo price changeAllows the user to change the cargo pricing
Split servicesAllows the user to split service in a bookings to two services.
Free routingAllows the user to change flight routes in bookings to any route‚ even ones which don't exist (will not affect the flights in operation module).
Charter free pricingThe ability for a user to set the charter routing section in free pricing.
Allow sellable seats on PNRThe ability to book sellable seats on PNR screen
Allow unbalanced splitAllow the user to split a PNR and keep the PNR unbalanced without it moving to HN
Allow o/service creditAllow the user to open or update an open service with a credit amount.
Booking feeSet a fixed value (in the default currency of the airline) that will be added as a fee service upon the creation of new bookings by this user. Please note that negative values are not allowed for this field.
Limit Cargo from destinationLimit cargo from flight departure destination
Money related permissionsMostly given to cashiers‚ credit controls etc.
Use DPO mobile moneyAllows the user to receive mobile money payments with DPO
Receive cashAllows the user to receive payments with cash
Receive Debit CardsAllows the user to receive payments with debit cards
Use third party PSPAllows the user to receive payments with third party PSP
Allow Bank SelectionAllows the user to choose between multiple banks (if exist)
Allow agents controlTicking this will allow the user to modify agent credit control information like credit days‚ groups etc. (any information that will affect the agency terms)
Issue refundsAllows the user to issue refunds for cancelled bookings
Issue credit memosAllows the user to issue credit memos
Allow deposit useAllow the user to pay with deposit
Override pricing checkWhen this is checked and the company have a setting to check the pricing before ticketing marked as true (company settings) the user will be able to ticket without reprice.
Allow agency deposit useAllow the user to pay with deposit of agencies
Accept Debit onlyThe user will be allowed to accept only debit payments (I.E - credit card‚ DirectPay)
Cashier balanceThe cashier balance‚ if you would like to limit your cashier for cash‚ bank transfer etc‚ you should write the limit here and any new receipts added will be deducted in this balance‚ leave zero for limitless cashier.
MAX Deposit limitThe limit of a deposit that the user is allowed to apply for a customer in a single booking. A deposit is applied in case of over payment in a booking.
Allow Complete DCSAllow the user to mark "Complete Check-in" on the check-in screen
Close flightAllow a user to close a flight indefinitely‚ closing a flight will now allow additional changes to existing bookings
Open closed flightsAllow the user to open a closed flight
Allow overweightPermits the user to authorize overweight baggage in the DCS process.
No-show policy triggerAllow the user to activate the no-show policy automated procedure.
Checkin BarcodeThe user will be only allowed to scan barcodes for baggage weight in the check-in screen.
Allow free seats on check-inAllow user select seats for free on check-in
Allow select blocked seatsAllow user to select blocked seats
Limit booking transfer from destinationLimit booking transfer to flights departing in destination
Limit reportsWill limit the reports only for the specific user‚ apply only to cashier reports
BI accessAllows the user access to dashboard section‚ which contains BI (business intelligence features)
Reports accessAllows the user to access the Reports section.
FF controlAllows the user control over Frequent flier configuration
Set specific classesSelect specific classes that this user can book‚ leave all unmarked to allow all classes.
Clear FiltersAllows the user to clear any existing filters made by other users
ActiveMark it as active if you wish to apply these permissions
User NameType the required user name
E-mailType here the user email address
Station addressType here the station address‚ it will appear on invoices below the company address
StationThe name of the workstation the user is positioned
Permission GroupIndicates the permission group of the user (mandatory field) Choose default permissions group according to the user permission
Allow user validate ticketsThis option allows user to validate tickets on request. Notice: User should have permissions for ticketing bookings
Last loginIndicated the last hour and date the user has logged into the system

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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