SMS Templates sub-module

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module:
New Click on NEW to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Remove Remove a record by clicking on REMOVE after you view the record or DELETE button.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

Template placementsYou can put variable placements so the system would automatically replace with content from the booking: {PNRREF} - PNR Reference {PNRNAME} - PNR name {PTLGMT} - Payment time limit in GMT {TTLGMT} - Ticketing time limit in GMT {CUSTNAME} - Customer name {AGTNAME} - Agency name {PAXNAME} - Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger) {PNRLINK} - Link to booking
ActiveIf the template is active or not
MessageText of the SMS message‚ you can implement placements as the above like {PNR} to have the PNR ref sent as within the template.

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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