On Invoice Agency

In this article, we will review the "On invoice" agency type.

An "On invoice" agency is one that pays only after a specific "Credit days" period once an invoice (ticket) has been issued. Periodically, the agency will send a payment and will be interested in several bookings.

In this agency type, when a booking is made, the agency will issue a "Voucher" as a "promise to pay" and confirm the booking (without ticketing).
When the agency's customer decides to ticket the booking, the agency can then proceed to ticket the booking (a few days later or according to the TTL setting).
Once the booking is ticketed, the count of the "Credit days" begins, during which the agency needs to pay the company for the ticketed bookings.

Our system keeps these amounts in two different limits: "Booking limit" and "Credit limit".

Once the agency have exceeded one of the limits:

  • Booking limit: total of bookings with vouchers that are not ticketed.
  • Credit limit: total of bookings with tickets which are not paid.

The system will prevent the agency from creating additional bookings according to the limit that has been exceeded.

To set up this type of agency, follow these steps in the "Agency" sub-module:

  1. Booking limit: Specify the total amount you allow the agency to maintain in "open bookings" without needing to ticket. Bookings of this type will be kept up to the TTL without the need for the agency to ticket. The amount should be greater than zero.
  2. Credit limit: Specify the total amount you allow the agency to maintain in "Ticketed bookings."
  3. Credit days: Specify the credit days during which you would like to give the agency time to pay for the bookings made in a given period.
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