Deposit Agency

In this article, we will review the setup of a deposit agency.

A deposit agency is an agency that can make bookings, but in order to issue tickets, the agency needs to utilise a deposit first.

In this type of agency, when a booking is made, the agency has the option to put a "Voucher" as a "promise to pay" and confirm the booking (without issuing a ticket). Once the agency's customer decides to issue a ticket for the booking, the agency can then proceed to issue the ticket (a few days later or according to the TTL setting), but first they need to use a deposit from their stored ones in the system.

Our system keeps track of these amounts within a limit called the "Booking limit."

Once the agency has exceeded the booking limit (the total of bookings with vouchers that have not been ticketed), the system will prevent the agency from creating additional bookings.

Note: If you do not want the agency to be allowed to "hold" bookings up to the TTL, you can set the agency's booking limit to "zero." This will require the agency to confirm each booking up to the PTL, and then the agency will need to utilize a deposit in order to confirm the booking.


To set up this type of agency, follow these steps in the "Agency" sub-module:

  1. Booking limit: Specify the total amount you allow the agency to hold in "open bookings" without needing to issue tickets. Bookings of this type will be held up to the TTL without requiring the agency to issue tickets. The amount should be greater than zero if you want to give the agency the option to hold bookings; otherwise, set it to zero if you want all bookings to be confirmed immediately with a deposit.
  2. Credit limit: Should be set to zero.
  3. Credit days: Should be set to zero.

Now that the agency is set up, please follow the instructions on how to add a "Deposit".

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