Flight Routing

In this article, you will learn how to edit the flight routing of a flight to appear on the manifest.

The flight routing assists the pilot in determining the final route of the flight. To edit the flight routing, click on the Routing icon in the flight screen.

The routing pop-up screen now gives you the option the write the route with additional flight information in it.


  • Start with Air-craft registration drop-down menu 
  • Select the leg
  • Type the quantity departing from each leg

Below, you can write additional routing information

  • Crew free text information
  • Fuel free text information
  • Additional remark
  • Select pilot in command
  • Select secondary in command
  • Select flight attendance 1
  • Select flight attendance 2

The routing now shows in the routing box and will be visible for the pilot on the manifest when issuing the manifest

Clicking on the orange clock icon gives you the options to set actual timing of the flight and delay cause.


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