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In this article, you will learn how to make filters on GO7 PSS system.

For your convenience, we've added an interactive video at the bottom of this page, that cover the steps in this article. This video is offered to you as an additional way to learn how to accomplish the below-written steps.

Filter option is one of the major and most important features GO7 PSS has. During time you have many records of information in the system, and it starts to be hard to find specific information in a sub-module.

The filter button, narrow down the results so you can find the information much easier.

We have 2 options for filtering:

In order to use the filter option, for each module, you can find the filter button.

Each sub-module has its own specific filter criteria, according to the information listed in the sub-module.

Quick Filter

Quick filter is the option to create a filter and review the results without creating specific button for the filter, for future use.

Select the criterias you would like to filter among all options, and click on the purple button, 'Quick Filter'

For example:
Filter all the bookings in status OK

Click Quick Filter

The system then shows you the results of the selected filter option.

Saved button filter

We have created the option to save a permanent button for filters you may use a lot. The filter buttons are individual and created only with the user who has created them.

In order to create a Saved button filter, click on the filter button, and select the filter option you would like to filter, just as we did in the quick filter.

For example:
Filter all the booking that we had yesterday

Then, use the filter name. Write the filter name, and click 'Save Filter'

The filter buttons now listed in the top bar of the sub-module

Delete Buttons:

In order to delete Saved buttons, click on the filter button one more time.
In the filter popup screen, you see now a list of all saved buttons. Click delete on the one you would like to delete.

Clear Filter

Once the filter is on, a new button is now showing on the sub-module bar, clear filter.

Use that button to un-filter the results and review all data.

Video Tutorial:

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