Agency Branches

In this article, we will review the new option for agency branches.

An agency branch is an entity where you can link "CRS agents." When a user is attached to a branch, they will have the following capabilities only:

  • See the bookings made by the branch only.
  • Amend bookings made by the branch only.
  • See reports only related to the branch.
  • Use the booking limit / credit limit / deposit of the master agency.

In order to create a branch, go to "Agents", then "Branches" and create a new record.


Please ensure correct association of an agency with the branch, as this action cannot be undone.

After creating the agency branch, go to "CRS agents" in "Agents" and allocate the user to the branch.


From now on, the user will have access only to the related branch.

If you would like to change an existing booking branch, in the booking screen, under agency details, you have an option to select the branch.

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  • Avatar
    Arielle Abandja

    Dear on duty,

    Is it possible to dedicate a special deposit for a branch?

    Best regards


  • Avatar
    Isaac Khon

    Hi Arielle,

    Deposit management will be possible by agency and not by branch

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