Activating LDS/API client

In this article we will review how to activate and LDS/API connectivity.

LDS/API connectivity is described in the following article:

Please follow the below steps to activate an API implementing company or AeroCRS Travel customer, they are the same as far as the system:

  1. Open an agency for the company which wants to connect to you, there is nothing special and you should follow the standard business rules in your airline.
    Make sure that you give the agency booking limit and credit limit, so the API will allow the company to book.
    If the company is already opened as an agency in your account there is no need to open a new one, unless you are giving them a different set of commissions.
  2. Go to Distribution module
  3. Go to "LDS" sub-module
  4. Add a new record, in this record, select the "LDS entity" which reflects the API implementing company (it will be given to you by them).
    Select the agency which reflects the agency you have opened for them.

The LDS/API client can now book your inventory using the API.

  • Companies will need to pay you using your defined business rules, bank transfer, cheques etc.
  • Companies which are using 3G Directpay xPay, will implement it and you will see a 3G payment receipt automatically in your system.
  • Companies which implement the "Referral" mode only, don't need to open an account with every airline.
  • Companies that use DEPOSIT - please make sure the agency have "Booking limit" and the valid deposit entered to their account for them to make bookings.
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