20/Jul/2015 - Several system changes

Dear customers, 

Today we have launched a series of changes to the system:

Major change:

  • Starting today, the system will start collecting information in the database in a structure which will give us more flexibility and more information in the reports you are getting about invoices.
  • You will see the information in the reports (fare and tax).
  • As the information in only viable from 21/Jul/2015 and for credit invoices which will be made for invoices after this date, we will still be keeping the old information in parallel.
  • The information of the fare and taxes will be visible in all reports soon.

Other changes:

  • Sequence number would appear on the "Boarding pass" as well as the "B/Pass number" would automatically be filled with this information if you have not pre-filled it while check-in in the passenger.
  • New boarding pass to check-in screen of charters.
  • PNR screen - e-mail and printout can be designed with rich remark editor.
  • We have added a log to changes which will occur from now on the "Exchange rates" all the changes will be kept in the database.
    A new report was added "Currency changes log" to the system where you can see all the changes in given dates.
    You might need to add it to your permission level, if you don't have it, please ask an administrator.
  • Several changes in the report system were added:
    • Additional filters in Cancellations report
    • Additional fields of breakdown of TAX per in Load factor, Services and Sales.
    • Additional fields in "Invoices" report.
    • PNR split status in passenger information report (to know if the PNR was a split or not)
  • Replace customer in a PNR
    You can now replace a customer in a PNR, if you see the icon on the customer details and you can click on it and replace the customer.
  • All reports and customer PNR printouts will include a "Issued date and user" so you can track usage.
  • For the airlines which uses a "pay@checkin" method, the text of the "NOT PAID" can be changed now via the "Update ticket terms" icon in the system.
    Go to "Administrations" > "Ref templates" and you will find the button in the header:


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