How to get updates on system releases and changes

GO7 PSS releases new versions and fixes for issues, in order to get update on this information, please follow the "Release notes" in the support center.

Following will trigger the support center to e-mail you with updates about new articles in the section, as you can follow not only "Release notes" we encourage you to follow "Service notifications" as well.

To follow:

  1. Click on the following links:
    Release notes:
    Service notifications:

  2. Make sure you are signed in to the support center

    Please note that the username and password here are different then your system login and if you are not registered, please register here.

  3. After you have signed in, click "Follow" and then "New articles"

    you can also select "New articles and comments" which will trigger the system to send you even if someone made a comment on a subject which you might think you can contribute to.
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