Agent fare schemes

In this article you will learn how "Agent fare schemes" work and how to enable this kind of operation.

The "Agent fare scheme" allows you to have a scheme of fares, after you have allocated fares to a specific scheme, you will be able to allocate schemes to agencies, by this, allowing them to see only the specific schemes selected for them.

Adding a scheme

  1. Go to "Marketing" 
  2. Go to "Fare schemes"
  3. Add a record

Allocating a scheme to a fare

  1. Go to "Marketing" 
  2. Go to "Fares"
  3. Select a fare to update
  4. Select the "Scheme" from the list

Allocate a scheme/s to an agency

  1. Go to "Agents"
  2. Go to "Agencies"
  3. Select an agency to update
  4. Click on "Set specific schemes"
  5. In the new window, select the schemes this agency is allowed to see (you can select one or many, NOTE! - if you will select schemes which have the same fares, the system will show them randomly, make sure that you have selected the correct schemes)
  6. Click save
  7. Make sure the "See generic fares" is not checked in the agency settings
  8. Click save

From now on, the agency will see only fares allocated to the selected scheme/s

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    It is not clear what is the difference between a discount and a scheme.

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    Isaac Khon

    Hi Shai,

    I'm following with you on tickets for clarification

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