Firmware upgrade - 03/Sep/2015

Dear customers,

Softlayer, our hosting facility is planning a firmware upgrade to their infrastructure, as a result, AeroCRS services will be affected, please review this message:

As part of our continued efforts to enhance customer experience, Network Engineers will be upgrading the firmware and supervisor modules on the routers that provide connectivity to your servers. The event will take place during a scheduled maintenance window between 3-September-2015 05:00 - 3-September-2015 09:00 UTC (midnight - 4:00AM 3/09/2015 Houston datacenter local time).

During this maintenance window we do expect a disruption to customer server and/or VSI network connectivity of a few minutes as the new firmware is being applied. Depending on the services being utilized, some customers may experience multiple disruptions during the maintenance window.

We will be monitoring this upgrade and make sure all services are working after their upgrade.

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