Add Cargo

In this article you will learn how to charge cargo in a PNR.

GO7 PSS has the option to charge for cargo. If you would like to add cargo for existing PNR, skip the first step. Click here to skip.

In order to make a Cargo PNR first create a new PNR (using the search engine)

In the pop-up screen, input the PNR's name and select if it's a direct customer or an agency.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the green Cargo Button. Click it to open the cargo pop-up screen

Now you can write the type and charge for the cargo service you would like.


  • Select package type. (Want to add more? Click here)
  • Select handler (Want to add more? Click here)
  • Date - Select the date to be shipped.
  • Flight - Select Schedule flight / Charter leg / Route
  • Weight - kg / lb (Depends on system settings)
  • NOP - Number of Pieces
  • Cost - Insert manually or use calculator (learn more)
  • Taxes - if applicable
  • VAT value - if applicable
  • Pkg number - if applicable
  • Nature of goods
  • Remark - Additional free text to fill


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    Arielle Abandja

    Dear on duty,

    I would like to ask a question. When we charge a cargo per KG do we still have to fill the Number of piece and click on the calculator. For instance I have 7 pieces for a total volume of 39KG with 1200XAF per rate. If I fill the KG box with 39 do I still need to fill in thr numberr of pieces?

    Best reagards


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