Add Open Service

In this article, you will learn how to add and charge an open service in a PNR.

Open service is a feature that GO7 PSS has, allowing you to charge additional services not included in your company's inventory.

Within the PNR Screen, click on the O/Service (Shortcode of Open Service).

With the O/service pop-up screen, you select what would you like to charge for.

  • Select the open service type. (Don't know how to create new? Learn more.)
  • Select the supplier. (Don't know how to create new? Learn more.)
  • Select dates and time
  • How many Adults/Children/ Infants (Not mandatory)
  • Fare - What is the price to charge?
  • Taxes - (If necessary)
  • Remark - Additional free text to add. (Shows in the PNR and Ref templates.)

The open service will be added as another service in the PNR screen.

Video tutorial that demonstrate the above steps:

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