Make Amendments

In this article you will learn how to make amendments through the PNR screen.

In order to make an amendment on a ticketed PNR, click on the amendment button (small calendar icon next to each service: calendar.png) of the service you would like to amend.

For example:
Customer would like to change the return ticket, instead on December 14th, to December 15th:

  1. In order to do that, you will need to click on the amendment button that is located at the right side of the second service (the return flight)

  2. Once you have clicked on the amend button, the system will alert you that there is an active ticket in the booking, and proceeding with the amendment will cancel the ticket and the invoice:

    Clicking on the OK button will also lead you to an additional system alert: (only applicable when you have a valid and active amendment policy in place)

  3. The next screen that will show up after acknowledging and accepting the system alerts, is the AVL screen, in which you will be able to adjust the flight information based on your needs (changing class, dates etc.).
    The process that we describe in this step is the same as the standard booking process that you are already familiar with - select the relevant flight dates > pick the fare/class/flight that you wish to book and then click on the purple Book button.
    In case that amendment penalty was added, you will get the following system alert right after you clicked on the Book button:

    Because there are more funds to add, the system cannot ticket the PNR automatically, until we make payment for the PNR. (If there is no payment needed, the system will ticket the PNR automatically).

  4. In case there are funds to add because of either the amendment fees or pricing change with the new flight, you will need to balance the PNR and process a payment that will cover the penalty amount / price change:

  5. Once the PNR has been balanced and ticketed, no further actions are required (you can see in the above screenshot that the date has also changed successfully).
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