Customize a Report

Creating customized reports and exporting them in various formats is easy with GO7 PSS. Here's how you can do it:

With GO7 PSS you have to option to create unlimited reports types. Each sub-module can be filtered and exported to PDF, CSV, Email and Printout with a click of a button.

  • Select Sub-module: Choose the relevant sub-module from which you want to export the data. For example, if you want to generate a report on reservations, navigate to the reservations sub-module. (Don't know how to filter? Learn more)

(E.G: review on reservations sub-module)

  • Filter Data: Filter the results according to your criteria. For instance, you can filter reservations based on their status, such as "OK."

  • Enable Export Button: Once the data is filtered, the export button will become enabled.
  • Select Export Format: Click on the export button, and you'll have the option to choose the format in which you want to generate the report:

    • Print-out: Opens the printer option to print the report.
    • CSV: Downloads the report in CSV format, which can be edited using software like Microsoft Excel.
    • PDF: Downloads the report in PDF format.
    • Email: Allows you to send the report directly from the system to an email address.
    • From left to right:

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