How to use the Website Storage

In this article you will learn how to manage and add images to website storage.

Storage sub modules allows to upload files to the system‚ that can be used in website‚ itinerary‚ e-ticket etc. To upload a file‚ click on 'new' button‚ select the files patch‚ insert internal name and save. The uploaded file will appear in the storage file list.

In order to upload files into the storage go to Website module -> Storage sub-module, click on the Add new button:

In the storage popup screen, select the file you would like to upload, and click the Upload button.

Internal name helps to understand the content of the image. (E.g: Giraffe in safari)

The system upload the file into the storage and provide you with a link for the image.

Added images will be shown in the storage data area:



  • Maximum file size: 700k.
  • File types: JPG / PNG / GIF / PDF


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