Balance Screen

In this article, you will learn about the balance screen for agencies.

The Agent Balance sub-module contains the balance accounting data of agents in the system. The accounting data is based on agents' bookings payment: vouchers, receipts, invoices, and credit invoices.

In order to view the balance screen go to "Agents" module, then navigate to "Balance" sub-module. 

The balance screen is divided into 2 sections:

The main screen:


Within the main screen, you see a quick overview of all of the agencies:

  • Credit days: How many days the agency has to pay the invoice.
  • Open vouchers: The total unpaid vouchers the agency has.
  • Open invoices: The total unpaid invoices the agency has.
  • Due invoices: The total of invoices that have passed the credit days and are not due invoices.
  • Deposit: The remaining deposit amount the agency has.

NOTE: This screen refreshes automatically every 4 hours, so you can see differences in the numbers.

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Each agency on the main screen can be clicked to review detailed information about the agency, including:

  1. Summary and filter
  2. PNR break-down
  3. Paying and reports
  4. Remaining balance


Summary and filter

The top segment in the balance screen shows details and updated summaries about the agency. You can click on the refresh button to manually refresh details.
On the right side, you can see the filter option, which filters the results shown in the PNR breakdown:

  • Dates: Set the dates period.
  • Drop-down menu: Select the type of filter.
    • Date by PNR date
    • Date by invoice date
    • Date by first service date
    • Date by any service date
    • Invoice value date
    • Invoice due date
  • Show only due charge: Show only PNRs which over the credit days and must be paid already.
  • Force all charges due: Make all PNRs payable.
  • Show only non-paid bookings: Show all the PNRs not paid regardless of the due date.


PNR break-down

  • Pay: Weather the PNR is payable or not. PNRs that have passed the credit days become payable. (Selecting "force all charges due", makes all of the PNR showing payable.)
  • PNR: The PNR reference of the booking. Clicking on the PNR opens the view mode of the booking.
  • Date: PNR creation date.
  • INVC: Number of invoice in the PNR.
  • Invoice date: Date the PNR was invoiced.
  • Age:
    • Negative age: remaining days to pay the PNR.
    • Positive age: how many days ago the PNR had to be paid.
  • Total: Total price of the PNR.
  • Voucher: Total price issued by voucher.
  • Invoice: Amount the has been invoiced.
  • Paid: amount of money already paid for this PNR.
  • Due payment: amount of money that must be paid.
  • Allocated: The total of money you allocate for this booking. The field being enabled once you click the "Pay" tick option of the PNR.

Paying and reports

By clicking on the purple 'Payment' button, you issue a payment for the selected ticked PNRs and for the total money in the allocated column.

First, select the PNRs that need to be paid.Make sure the allocated amount is correct and change it if necessary.

Then, click the payment option and continue the payment as you would for a normal booking.

NOTE: The system creates one receipt for the payment and changes the balance of the PNR automatically on the PNR screen.

Remaining balance

The remaining balance is a highly important segment that shows you if the agency has unbalanced PNRs before the date period you have selected in the filter option.

If so, consider selecting a wider range of dates because you might have skipped some PNRs that haven't been paid yet.





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