I see an error message

If you got into a point you see an error message with a given number, please check the following:

  1. Are you sure your input is correct? 
    1. Numbers should not have commas "," and other symbols inside.
    2. "Money" related numbers should have the maximum of 2 decimals.
  2. Are you trying to pull a report for a long period?
    1. Reports for long periods might fail by time out from the system or from the lack of ability to pull so much information from the system at once.
      (remember, the limit of Excel is 50,000 lines)
    2. Split the report to different periods.
  3. If you still see an error, write the error number down and send it to the support staff, if you have the ability, take a screenshot of the screen before the error occurred and describe what were you trying to do.
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