I see an error message

If you got into a point you see an error message with a given number, please check the following:

  1. Are you sure your input is correct? 
    • Numbers should not have commas "," or any other symbols inside.
    • "Money" related numbers should have the maximum of 2 decimals.
  2. Are you trying to pull a report for an extended period?
    • Reports spanning long durations might fail due to timeouts from the system or the inability to retrieve such a vast amount of information at once.
      (remember, the limit of Excel is 50,000 lines)
    • Consider splitting the report into different periods.
  3. If you still encounter an error, please note down the error number and send it to the support staff. If possible, take a screenshot of the screen before the error occurred and describe what you were trying to do.
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    Projects | SkySafari

    when making a request to get availability with AeroCRS, I get the the error message 'IntegrationFail'

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    Oren Ressler

    Dear SkySafari Team,

    We received and responded to your inquiry via ticket.

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