Discount Allocation sub-module

The Discount Allocation sub-module enables the creation and management of discount allocations to CRS airline users. Allocating a discount to a user grants them permission to utilize it in bookings.

Actions that can be preformed on this sub-module:
New Click on "New" to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view its details.
Remove Remove a record by clicking on "REMOVE" after you view the record or "DELETE" button.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create customised reports.

Field Description
Discount Select the discount for this user. Any discounts available at the "Discounts" section will appear in this list.
Discount Amount Enter the amount of money for discount.
User Name of the user that has permission to use the discount.

To allocate a discount to a user, click the 'New' button and select the discount and the user you wish to grant permission to issue this discount. Note that you must first create the possible discounts in the 'Discounts' Sub-module.


NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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