Manifest templates sub-module

The Manifest template submodule allows you to create and manage the properties of templates for manifests in the system. The manifest for each flight contains the details of the passengers and the flight.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Remove Remove a record by clicking on REMOVE after you view the record or DELETE button.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

Field Description
Show only ticketed Show only passengers from ticketed bookings in manifest.
Group by Group passengers in manifest by.
Sub-Header Sub-header of manifest.
Printout Details Mark here the columns you wish to appear on the printout.
Num Numerical numerator.
Check-in Status Include passenger check-in status in manifest.
Class Include passenger class type in manifest.
Date of birth Include passenger date of birth in manifest.
Seat Include passenger Seat in manifest.
PAX weight Include passenger weight column in manifest.
Passport issue country Include passenger passport issue country in manifest.
Trip Type Include trip type in manifest.
Boarding Tag Color Include passenger boarding tag color in manifest.
Gender Include passenger gender in manifest.
PAX Name Include passenger name in manifest.
A/C Include A/C details in manifest.
E-mail Include passenger E-mail address in manifest.
Passenger remark Include passenger passport remark in manifest.
Baggage tag Include passenger baggage tag in manifest.
PNR Ref. Include bookings PNR reference number in manifest.
TKT Ref. Include bookings ticket reference number in manifest.
NOP Include passenger number of baggage pieces in manifest.
Passport expiry Include passenger passport expiry date in manifest.
BGG Weight Include baggage total weight in manifest.
PNR Status Include bookings PNR status in manifest.
B/Pass # Include passenger boarding pass number in manifest.
DOC number Include passenger ID/ Passport number in manifest.
Show SSR Will show the SSR selected for the passenger.
Phone Include passenger phone in manifest.
Place of birth Include passenger place of birth in manifest.
YYYYMMDD dates Will show birth date and passport expiry as YYYYMMDD strings.
Nationality Include passenger nationality in manifest.
PNR Remarks Include bookings PNR remarks in manifest.
Printout Bottom Mark here the features you wish to appear on the printout.
PAX Total Total number of passengers divided to M/F/C/I with total.
PAX Picks Pickup strips.
PAX drops Include number of passenger drops in the flight from manifest.
NOP total Include number of baggage pieces in manifest.
BGG Weight total Include flight total baggage weight in manifest.
PAX Weight total Include flight total pax weight in manifest.
PNR on RQ Include on request status passengers in manifest.
Selected Crew Include flight crew details in the manifest which is from the routing selected PIC‚ SIC‚ FA1 and FA2.
Cargo list Will show a cargo list with cargo sold with this flight.
Remarks Remarks from PNR marked as show on bottom.
Text crew Include flight crew details in manifest which were filled in the text free zone in the routing of the flight.
Fuel Include flight fuel amount in manifest.
Routing Include flight routing in manifest.
Signature Include line for signature in manifest.
Footer text Footer text will show at the end of each page.
Name Name of the manifest template.
Code Use this code to retrieve a flight report from the system search engine: FLTR [report code] [flight number] [flight date DDMMYY] MNFST and BKR are kept by the system by default.
Filter with Check-in Status Filter manifest list according to check-in status.
Header / Subject Header of the manifest.
Filter with Service Status

Filter manifest list according to service status.

Class Allowance

Allowance of baggage for the passenger. Appears in totals if it's set.

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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