Reservations sub-module

Reservations sub-module under CRM (customer relationship management) contains the list of all the bookings in the system. The 'filter' button allows filtering the bookings list according to various parameters. A click on a booking will open the PNR screen, which contains all booking-related actions.


Actions that can be performed on this sub-module include:


New Click on New PNR to create a new record.

View Click on a record to view it.

Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

Field Description
TKT Flight ticket number
Pay @ Checkin Pay for a booking in flight check-in in the airport. Pay at check-in is booking payment type.
Customer ID Customer Identification number (applicable for customer booking)
TTL date Date of ticket time limit expiration
Cust ID Customer Identification number (applicable for customer booking)
Locked PNR To see locked PNR's search for values that's more than zero. (unlocked pnr search for equal to zero)
PTL Payment time limit of the booking.
TTL Ticket time limit of the booking. The TTL is the maximum time before the flight to ticket the booking. The TTL counts back from the departure time. For example: TTL: 48 hours‚ will expire 48 hours before departure
Date Date and time of booking creation
PNR Booking PNR reference number
ST Booking PNR status: OK - Confirmed XX - Canceled PN - Pending HN - Holding Needs
SRV date Date of service in the booking
From Flight departure destination
To Flight arrival destination
PAX Number of passengers in the booking
Customer Customer name (applicable for customer booking)
Agent Name of agency (applicable only for agent booking)
User User which created the booking
TKT Flight ticket number
Flag3 Flag number 3 (use for internal purpose) Click on the icon to raise down the flag.
PTL/TTL The PTL/TTL flag comes to show that the PNR was cancelled by the PTL or TTL process
Flag1 Flag number 1 (use for internal purpose). Click on the icon to raise down the flag
Email Attached e-mail to the booking (if exist)

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login. Please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission on this scre
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